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Blue Jack Studio brings passion for human interaction, curiosity, and design quality to every project, whether physical or digital.

Whatever it is you’re making, we can take your project from idea to actualization.

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Blue Jack Studio

digital / physical / motor

ELS Architecture

ELS Architecture WordPress site and UX consulting with customized WP backend publishing interface. Designed by Mende Design, SF

2018 –

Munson Furniture

Munson Furniture is an Oakland-based mass-customization furniture designer.  We collaborated with Joseph Perez-Green at Manual Labor on the design and UX of the interactive furniture configurator, using Grasshopper models to drive the whole thing allowed us to interface directly to the shop’s CNC machine, providing a ground-breaking fluidity to the User Experience when purchasing custom physical goods. Django admin backend, with REST api layer, serving a WordPress frontend.

2018 –

Burks Toma Architects

Burks Toma Architects – WordPress site utilizing custom post-types. Designed with Joseph Perez-Green at Manual Labor

2017 –

A Campus Divided

WordPress site, interaction design, and frontend code — In collaboration with the University of Minnesota, Riv-Ellen Prell, and design by Livia Foldes

2017 –

Hello World Engineering

WordPress site, interaction design, and frontend code — Designed by Livia Foldes

2016 –

Fawn Galli

WordPress site for Manhattan-based interior design firm Fawn Galli Design — Site design by Lucia Calvo

2016 –

Manual Labor

Manual Labor WordPress backend, with REST API and backbone.js on the frontend.

2015 –

JMS Limited Edition

Gallery exhibition site for John McNeil Studio, in collaboration with Michael Giddens and Vanessa Martinez

2015 –

Blue Jack Pyrex Pushrods

Pyrex pushrods for Harley-Davidson sportster pre 1972 models. Produced in-house in Vallejo, CA. Available for purchase soon.

Blue Jack Kicker Pedal

One-off prototype 6061 aluminum kicker pedal

PCP Springer Leg Mount

Designed for Phares Cycle Parts, produced by Heckman Customs

PCP Springer Rocker

Designed for Phares Cycle Parts, produced by Heckman Customs

Blue Jack Narrow Handlebar Risers

Narrows down the clamping area on Harley-Davidson 3.5″ spaced triple trees to 2.5″ flat surface. Available for purchase in 7/8″ or 1″ here

Zardoz XLCH

1966 Harley-Davidson XLCH

2017 – Bike Exif Interview

The Bad Investment

1960 Harley-Davidson XLCH

2015 – Pipe Burn Writeup

Blue Jack Ducati

1964 Ducati dm-250 flat track racer


Blue Jack SR500

1978 Yamaha SR500